When You Get Here

Print this page out, keep it in your pocket, and open it when you arrive at the airport in St. Thomas.


So, you made it, and you are standing in the Cyril E. King airport, waiting for your bags to come off the carousel. Here’s what to do next!

When you’ve got all your baggage and have cleared customs (US Passport holders will not need to do this) head to the doorway next to the baggage carousel marked “Taxi”. You will see a big board with prices for various destinations. Check this out, and note that you will most likely have to pay a small fee for your bags as well, if they are large. Please note that taxi fares all over St, Thomas are charged per person.

Tell the person at the taxi stand you wish to go to Crown Bay Marina. This ride takes about five to ten minutes. They will drop you off a stone’s throw from a grocery called “Gourmet Gallery“. You can do some shopping here for supplies at the campground. A less expesnive alternative to the Gourmet Galley is “Pueblo“, which is just a five minute walk from the Marina – ask someone for directions. Remember, we’ve got a freezer and a refridgerator on the Campground, so stock up – the more things you buy ahead of time, the fewer trips back to St. Thomas you will need to make later.

There is a bank with an outdoor ATM located just a five minute walk from the Marina at the Nisky Shopping Center. It’s easy to get there – make a right out of the Crown Bay Marina gate, and then make a left at the first intersection. It will take you up a slight hill where you’ll see Nisky Shopping Center on your left. Can’t miss it.

After you’ve picked up all your supplies, you can head down to the Water Island Ferry. It’s very easy to find – just take the the sidewalk in front of the Gournet Gallery straight down about 100 feet. You will reach a to the corner , passing the doors to the Gourmet Gallery on your left, and head straight down to the corner. You will be standing outside a little bar called Tickles Dockside Pub, and the ferry (unless it is out making a run) will be directly in front of you.

The ferry ride, one way, is currently $5 during the day. The captain will also offer you discounts for purchasing multiple passages ahead of time, which is a good idea if you plan to go to St. Thomas or St. John often.

Hopefully, you will have made arrangements with us ahead of time to meet you at the ferry. If not, please call us when you get to Crown Bay Marina, so we can be there at the Water Island Ferry Dock waiting for you. Our local number (a free call from St. Thomas) is 340 776 5488.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!