Maho Bay Camps – Farewell to a friend


Virgin Islands Campground is sorry to say good-bye to Maho Bay Camps which is now permanently closed. In 2005, before we started to build our facilities, we traveled to Maho Bay Camps for a 3 night stay and experience what we thought was camping at its finest. We came home and decided to try our luck at building eco cottages here on Water Island. After 2 years of wrangling permits and then building a bathhouse and four cottages, we were able to open our doors in January 2007. We converted our two-bedroom apartment into the communications room and suite, bringing our total to five rental units.

A Big “Thank You” to Maho Bay. With our short visit and my husband’s vision, we were able to start our eco- resort. We were able to take a step up…and make our eco cottages more plush and up-scale, taking our cottages to the level of “glamping”. We up-scaled everything: beds were standard size and pillow top, the linens were top of the line Egyptian cotton, dishes were matching and “target designer”, bathhouse was all tile with shampoo conditioner and soap dispensers, to keep in the theme of eco- resort.

We also followed Maho Bay’s lead of becoming an Eco-Friendly resort and improved upon it. Now we are one of the most highly reviewed eco-friendly resorts in the Caribbean. This is just a short list of some of the things we do at Virgin Islands Campground to be environmentally friendly.

Maho Bay Camps Eco Resort

Maho Bay Camps Eco Resort

Water saving faucets and showers.
Composting toilet and grey water one-pint flush toilets.
Recycling aluminum, paper and groceries.
Leaving the grounds as untouched as possible by construction.
Wind generators to power refrigerator and lights.
Natural air circulation and fans.
Use of natural light during the day.
Minimal use of fossil fuel powered vehicles, machines and equipment.
Solar heating for hot water.
Air dry clothes.
Use of energy efficient appliances and electronics.
Light switches on timers, and much more.

We have since accommodated past guests of Maho Bay Camps, including die-hard Maho Bay fans and we have exceeded their expectations while staying with us at Virgin Islands Campground every time.

Thank you Maho Bay Camp. Again, we are sorry to see you go.

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