What to Do

  • Honeymoon Beach

    Main Rd, St Thomas, 00802, US Virgin Islands .

    Soft white sand supports your steps, palm trees above provide protection when you are pruned from swimming and sun exposure, and crystal clear water coax you into a state of calm. Honeymoon Beach is paradise realized.

    Water Island’s famed beach is a short five minute walk through a wooded trail where wildlife spotting can be a sport. Upon reaching the trailhead, on a clear day you can see Puerto Rico off on the horizon as well as a few chickens ambling around in the foreground.

  • Limestone Beach

    83C2+CWM, St Thomas, 00802, U.S. Virgin Islands .

    If your version of paradise consists of rugged terrain, seclusion, and superb snorkeling and scuba diving you will want to head over to Limestone Beach. Here the beach is rocky and great for beach combing, scavenging and spotting birds. Nature is in her unkempt beauty here at the secluded Limestone Beach. Walk out into the ocean and then dive down into a deep coral reef. After you arrive at the beach you can’t miss the Tree of Lost Soles which consists of abandon shoes and flippers hung on a beachside tree. Fortunately, it is the only sign of civilization on this beach.

  • Fort Segarra

    Water Island, St Thomas 00802, USVI .

    Fort Segarra was built as part of the United States’ defense strategies during World War II to protect the submarine base on St. Thomas, but the war ended before completion of the fort, and the project was abandoned.

    You can explore the underground tunnels and enjoy the spectacular view from the top of the pillbox. Caution should be exercised when visiting the fort however as it is very dark inside, and the floor is peppered with open holes.